Please fill out this brief with as much detail and accuracy as possible, it will help me to determine the starting point and deal with the goals. If somewhere you find it difficult to answer, write to me, I will help you choose the appropriate answer.
Phone number in international format
Phone number, where you have Whatsapp or Telegram
Nickname in Telegram, if you have
How old are you?
What is the main purpose of your investment?
Do you have experience in investments?
Describe if you chose another
What do you prefer?
What would you do if the market fell and your investment portfolio lost 30% of its value?
Is it acceptable for you to temporarily reduce your investment portfolio during the year?
If yes, how much?
Which of the following is not an active asset?
What is compound interest?
What is the name of the increase in prices for goods and services, accompanied by depreciation of money?
You have an opportunity to invest with a high probability of making a profit. Is it reasonable to take a loan for this purpose?
You received a large amount of money unscheduled. How will you manage this amount?
What result do you want to get after a month of investing?
And in a year?
What topics would you like to discuss during the consultation? Choose from the list or suggest your own.
Describe if you chose another
From what amount do you want to start investing?
What are the main questions you already have?
How can you evaluate your level of risk?
Describe if you chose another
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